Marlon Brown

Marlon Brown is the owner/founder of CFCAC which has been part of the AAU circuit for nine years, he graduated from Gateway High School in 1991, attended Clark Atlanta University for two years and got certified in the State of Florida as a firefighter/EMT. He has been coaching and training basketball for 11 years, is a personal trainer and youth mentor. 
After losing his father to cancer, he took his drive as a leader to get back to his community and help kids achieve their goals. He found the lord again when he got married eight years ago. It was the best decision he ever made, he explains. It helped him see things that God had for him. He always had the drive to help people whether it was fire fighting or coaching. As long as he followed the path of the Lord by being there for the youth.

CFCAC was established to promote spiritual growth in order to raise the next generation to be victorious in all things through Christ. High school sports provides a great platform that enables that mission to be accomplished. Sports currently offered by our conference are volleyball, basketball, and soccer. CFCAC is governed by a board of directors that believe in the equity of all it's members by practicing a democratic process in which all members have a voice.

The mission statement of the Central Florida Christian Athletic
Conference is to teach our young athletes the fundamentals of
sports as well as the concept of teamwork, commitment, and
accountability while maintaining a balance with the development
of athletic skills and education.
Through sports and Christian values, we want to instill strong
character, respect, and life skills that will assist them in growing
and becoming responsible young


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 Reborn Christian Academy 



 Southland Christian School


Life Christian Academy



Victory Charter



Wade Christian Academy



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